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Wooden Nickel Marketing is available to provide training to non-profit organizations, helping them utilize the marketing available at no cost as well as teaching organization members how to maximize their event and service publicity. These seminars run about two hours and can be organized for groups as small as 12 people to as many as you can fit in a meeting room.
Your organization is required to provide an adequate space with power, a screen for digital slides, and seating for all in attendance. They need to have a workspace on which to lay out their matierials and workbook. Laptops are welcome, although not necessary.
Each attendee will be provided with a workbook and a CD with pertinent Microsoft Word and Excel  templates.

The cost per attendee is $50, with a minimum of six paid attendees.
7-12 attendees - $45 each
13-20 attendees - $40 each
21-30 attendees - $35
31-50 attendees - $30
Over 50 attendees - $25 each

Call us today to book your seminar ...
a 4 week lead time is required. 918.829.9668


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